Refinery ( Style Magazine) article - 2015

"Music is really important to us — so we brought in a lot for the wedding! For live music, we booked The Cottontails — a local S.F. jazz band — they added such an amazing vibe to our outdoor cocktail party and people absolutely loved them."

The Bay Bridged - Todd Wanerman - 2011

"  ... We are ready to stop in at the historic Riptide to see what could be described, without (m)any accusations of hyperbole, as one of the best jazz bands in the world - The Cottontails. The Cottontails are the freewheeling, day-off super-group of several very busy local music titans: [...]  Our spotlight falls this month upon pianist and bandleader McIntosh. Scion of a San Francisco music family, McIntosh has contributed to the bedrock of our fertile musical community in ways too numerous to count, too weighty to measure. His solos can evoke everyone from Jelly Roll Morton to Herbie Hancock, and he is known to pound out liturgical music on the pump organ in his spare time. He epitomizes the pluck and spirit of The Cottontails - dogged, versatile, virtuosic; a light-fingered role player where called for, but a spine tingling soloist when he chooses."

The Owl Mag

"…special shout out to Karina Denike whose vocal prowess recalls traditional jazz chops with modern style, relevance, and soul."

Well we can cross this from our bucket list, Michael McIntosh appeared in a Hong Kong daily rag! The article is about the perks of being a Salesforce employee, including live piano on their penthouse floor provided by Michael himself!


Client Testimonials

“One of the most important parts of our wedding planning for us was to have fantastic live music. After searching around we found The Cottontails--we caught them live at Club Deluxe and we instantly fell head over heels for their whole package! Their sound, energy, and style was exactly what we had hoped for our special day! We had to hire them! Karina made everything very simple and easy, we didn’t have to think about anything besides date, time and where they would setup. The band was so professional from start to finish, they even went out of their way to learn our “first dance” request and made wonderful recommendations for our parent dance. 

Karina has an amazing voice and lovely energy that just takes over whatever venue she’s in. The musicians in the band were all the best around. They all brought so much energy to the music and had a lot of fun, they’re all very kind humans too. We both found ourselves frequently wanting to just listen to the musicians instead of doing anything else! A lot of our guests have gone out of their way to tell us how much they enjoyed the band. A few have said it was the best band they’ve heard at a wedding and we agree! We couldn’t have been happier with The Cottontails and are looking forward to going to hear them as much as we can—they really made our wedding day magical!” John and Ginny Quell

"I have had the good fortune of presenting The Cottontails for both public and private events. Lead by the preternaturally talented vocalist, Karina Denike, they are an incredibly fun and versatile group .With great players playing great songs they remain on of my favorite live combos to present and enjoy in any setting or circumstance." Marc Capelle - Producer & Musical Curator, CJM SFO, Owsley Brown Presents

We continue to receive a flood of compliments for your musical talents. The entire band was just perfect and our family and friends had an amazing time dancing and laughing the night away. Michael, thank you for making this happen. It means the world to us" Bluxome St Winery party - Andy Riedel,  SF 2017 5 out of 5 stars

"The Cottontails played at our wedding. Having them there really made the event extra special. I worked with Karina, the lead singer and manager, on when, where and what we wanted to happen. Some of the band played some soft tunes during the cocktail hour, Karina sang a special song for our first dance and then we ended the night with some amazing dance music. They are full service and a dream to work with. We were fans before the wedding but turned into regular groupies after. It's nice to go to some of their regular gigs around town and remember that special day. I highly recommend The Cottontails. They will make the night memorable and keep your friends reminiscing about your event for years." Montalvo Arts Center -wedding 2015-  Kathryn Ward and Eric Kornblum, Palo Alto.  5 out of 5 stars

Dear Karina and Band - Words cannot express how much we appreciate your incredible part in our special day -- it was truly the "over-the-top" wow! factor we had only ever dreamed of!  You added your talent and flooded our reception with musical magic!  Much gratitude and ALL our best, - Teresa and Amanda Peter